Cartoning (Secondary Packaging)

CartoningProduction cartoning that adds additional product protection and finalizes your product as a finished-good.

Secondary packaging, such as vitamin cartons, can be designed to add more protection for vitamin bottles and blister packaging.

They also make great on-shelf marketing tools.

An appealing vitamin carton design can attract more attention to your product, increasing the chance for a potential customer to have greater contact with your brand and label information.

A vitamin carton will provide space for easy-to-read label information that will help educate and inform a customer about vital ingredients in your product and their benefits.

Vitamin cartons also give you the advantage of storing promotional materials such as coupons and inserts inside the carton.

An attractive design and conveying the key benefits of your vitamin supplement is fundamental to attracting and sustaining a customer.

Whether you have vitamin jars, vitamin bottles or use blister packaging.

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